Caroskin Burn & Scare Care Products

What makes the Caroskin™ Scar Care concept this way unique?
The Caroskin™ Scar Care concept is a phased, professionally, total offer of a unique combination, scientifically founded, high quality post wound care treatment products – and can be delivered rapidly AND in 1 package (in Europe) by means of a digital ordering process

A professional, phased complete offer

Caroskin™ is a unique professional offer for the specialised burn treatment centres which are active in scar prevention. The multi-purpose Caroskin™ concept offers access to made to measure products, numerous accompanying products, among which the Caroskin™ range and this centralised at 1 address.

An unique combination
By offering  the Caroskin™ ‘one stop order’ concept, Tricolast fills as first a need that raises the comfort and ease of ordering.

  1. One stop order - concept: Tricolast offers the possibility to order all necessary Caroskin™ after-treatment products on 1 address.
  2. GOOSe - Global online ordering system - Tricolast  offers you the possibility by means of its digital ordering platform, www.caroskin-order.be, to order made to measure products. This accelerates and clarifies the communication.
  3. All in one delivery - concept: This concept is a quality concept that has been developed by Tricolast, to make it possible to receive all ordered products for each patient in 1 package. This concept indicates that Tricolast has all necessary products and knowledge to pursue the same professionnalism as a burn centre.

1 patient → 1 ordering address for all after-treatment products → 1 package by patient


Caroskin™ by Tricolast
The Caroskin™ range has been developed by Tricolast nv.

Tricolast nv is a Belgian, family business, specialised in knitting, which was founded in 1948, and still is appreciated today for its:


Tricolast is an ISO13485 certified company and all products have CE and GMDN mark.