Tricolast has been in business since 1948

  • Tricolast NV has been founded in 1948 and was a well known specialised in made to measure compression stockings.
  • In the 60ies, the Tricolast company started working with a new yarn - Thermolactyl - for the company Damart.
  • At the beginning of the 80ies, miss Thérèse Van Den Heede-Hoste, commenced her activities at the family company and took on the challenge to create custom made garments for the post burn treatment.
  • After the Swittel fire in Antwerp in 1994 where many people needed treatment on large surfaces, Thérèse Van Den Heede-Hoste took on another challenge: the silicone challenge. Soon she was able to create RE-USABLE silicone garments to treat the large surfaces. A tremendous challenge in which she succeeded with her team of experts.
  • Re-usable because of the high cost of the raw materials. From here onwards, the Tricolast silicone was the first re-usable silicone sheet available on the market.
  • Today, Tricolast is still a family owned company that has a valuable expertise in custom made knitting and silicone coating applications. This expertise is expressed in the 3TK-technology.
  • Due to the 3TK-technology, Tricolast NV is able to create unique, stand alone concepts that offer long term solutions with the aim at top quality, high re-usability and therefore high cost-efficiency and optimal results with the combination of different expertises we have inhouse available.
  • Early 2011 - Tricolast created several division that are the responsible for specific core business areas.
  • We are located in the centre of Deinze, near Ghent, where also our manufacturing division is located.
  • For any further questions regarding the company, please contact us.

Research and innovation

  • Tricolast NV possess of a great and in depth knowledge of more than 60 years manufacturing custom made compression garments ranging from pressure stockings to full custom made compressionsuits.
  • Tricolast and its employees exist of a team of creative and flexible people that is willing to accept challenges in order to come to unique solutions.
  • As an innovative company, Tricolast maintains good, understanding connections with leading persons in different fields of medical expertise and that works well together with different university clinics in Belgium and surrounding countries.
  • Tricolast NV understands that she needs to understand the problem (= talk to the medical staff) in order to be able to technically solve the situation. Open communication with the medical staff, willingness to solve the problem and prescense in the medical centres is therefore an elementary matter in finding solutions to unsolved medical problems.
  • Today at Tricolast, we understand the following:"Today, nobody knows the extent of the use of silicone in the medical world.” Therefore, our continuous prescense and willingness to solve problems is one of our key elements in our activities.


About Caroskin

  1. Caroskin Burn & Scar Care: a high quality range uniquely for professionals that hosts a unique combination of custom made compression garments, silicone garments, silicone sheets to be used for post burn/trauma related patients. 
  2. Caroskin Oedema Care: hosts a high quality range of Oedema reducing garments and also includes the unique Caroskin SilWrap - a unique product that consists of 3 products with a main focus on getting the lymph patient back into its original stocking! 



Tricolast nv
Ommegangstraat 53
9800 Deinze (Belgium)

+32 (0)9 386 15 11

VAT BE 0401 049 864


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